IBC held an online-meeting with APEDA-INDIA.

On 3rd December, 2022 an online meeting was between Dr. C. B. Singh, Deputy General Manager of APEDA INDIA and Mr. Akashdeep Singh, President of the Association for the Development of Entrepreneurship and the Support of Business Relations “Indian Business Council».
The parties talked about the two countries’ current relations while focusing on the agricultural industry.
The IBC president remarked that less commodities are being exported from both sides. He added that engineering and pharmaceuticals are two fields that are still stable but have not experienced development. He expressed his opinions, saying that one of the primary areas of focus for setting up the work to stabilize the partnership between Russia and India should be the agriculture sector. Mr. Akashdeep Singh requested APEDA’s assistance in locating reliable vendors and product categories from India to Russia.

The parties talked about the kinds of goods that can be exported to India and Russia.
Fresh and processed mango, mango products, rice, and grains had all been discussed.
Both sides emphasized the growth of the agrotech industry and discussed ways to exchange knowledge between countries in order to increase exports.
Dr. C. B. Singh expressed concern about logistics in the current environment and expressed interest in new Indian exporters, including small and medium-sized businesses, who can enter the Russian market. He expressed his willingness to collaborate with IBC and stated that APIDA should have IBC as its primary support body in Russia.
The parties agreed to exchange information for future work and agreed to meet in December in India.