About Us

From the President’s desk

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”
This truth extends to great organizations as well. In our ever-changing world, some organizations become obsolete
and fade away, while new ones emerge to meet evolving needs.

The post-pandemic world brought about significant transformations. Businesses that failed to adapt to the new reality found themselves struggling to survive. Recognizing that democratic processes and the well-being of employees are as crucial as customer satisfaction, a revolutionary change became imperative. In the middle of August 2021, a group of visionary businessmen, in collaboration with the Indian Embassy in Moscow, including H.E the Ambassador and the Commercial Wing,

conceptualized the Indian Business Council. By December 2021, the Indian Business Council came into existence.
The purpose was clear and compelling—to fortify the profound friendship between generations through robust
economic ties, technology transfer, and increased trade.

The Indian Business Council (IBC) emerged as the driving force to expedite and smoothen the realization of these goals.

Founder and President of the Indian Business Council,

Akashdeep Singh

Who are we

We are a group of Businessmen, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, professionals from diverse business backgrounds and yet bound with a common goal of building brand India in Russia and vice-versa, reflecting the true essence of contemporary Indian& Russian businesses, being a window through which Russian businesses can see and thrive along with what contemporary India has to offer, be it information technology, pharma, textile, food, chemicals, engineering, construction, retail, ceramics, metallurgy, bio technology etc.


To enhance and improve the business relation between Russa and India by being a bridge between the two nations.

To ensure that the business opportunities in both the nations are accessible to the businesses. To be a medium of communication between the govt. and business thereby simplifying the processes and laws for better understanding.

To help Governments understand the needs of businesses and help them formulate policies that are conducive to fair and healthy business environment for both countries.

To inculcate startup mentoring and investment culture to help young entrepreneurs bloom in the business environment.

To promote and help new entrants for smoother and effective business.


To be the most powerful and effective business organization in Russia and CIS which empowers businesses and governments alike to work unto their real potential, by providing help to understand, interpret and execute business opportunities.

Core Values


  1. Equality – We will provide equal opportunity and help businesses large or small, and serve them with equal fervor.
  2. Integrity – We will do our work with complete integrity, all the principles laid down in the constitution of India and Russia will be followed strictly.
  3. Proactivity – We will work proactively to help businesses enhance the opportunities available by taking swift action.
  4. Transparency – We will be extremely transparent in our actions and execution of our policies.


Hon. President
Mr. Akashdeep Singh
CMD Vulkan-A, Textiles
Oil and Gas drilling chemicals,
and Food Ingredients
Alma –Mater Delhi University

Hon. Vice President
Mr. Farooq Mir
Head of Representation
IPCA labs
In Russia since 1989


Hon. Gen.Secretary
Mr. Ashok Jayaswal
General Director –
Phoenix Corp. LLC
Business Consultant,

Hon. Treasurer
Mr. Jitendra Kumar
C.E.O Core Design
Diamonds and Precious stones
In Russia since 1991
Alma-Mater Pushkin Institute