1. The main objective of the IBC is to provide opportunity to companies in Russia and India in identifying manufacturers for imports/ exports, foreign direct investment, technology transfer & joint ventures.


  1. Networking and Personal Branding –

The IBC provides one of the most pro-active networks for business development. The network works on various levels like local contact, WhatsApp group, email and a dynamic website. Besides networking IBC also helps its members (depending on the level of membership) in personal branding, product and company positioning and other handheld processes that will help enhance and grow the business. The members will also have access to information about various regions of Russia and networking in the regions.


  1. Delegations and visits to trade shows & B2B meetings –

The IBC is invited by various Government organizations (Russia, India and other countries) to visit various trade shows, exhibitions and seminars. Besides this B2B meetings are also organized by Chamber of Commerce, Ministries etc. These delegations are usually subsidized by host and also, they have great commercial value. Members are invited to join these delegations on regular basis depending on the membership level they choose.


  1. Information –

Members receive regular information on various trade issues relating to import and investment.  Besides this arrival of various foreign delegations are also informed to the members so that they can attend these events.

  1. The Council will update the members about trade inquiries it shall be receiving from Russia and Indian side, which will further be expanded to C.I.S countries.
  2. The IBC are regularly informed about International trade fairs, seminars, workshops, events, exhibition / conference and management talks on EXIM policy, one to one negotiation, buyers and so on.


  1. Advisory Services –

The IBC members (on the basis of membership level) will be helped by the specialists from various fields which will include and not be limited to Banking, customs, criminal and immigration laws.


3 easy steps

  • Step 1 – Fill the IBC membership form with all the details and scan and send self-attested documents as required.
  • Step 2 – Once the form is approved and signed by at least two GBMC members and the President you will be sent the invoice for payment.
  • Step 3 – Once the payment is made as per the invoice (minimum 6 months) you will be sent the confirmation with a certificate of your membership.


  • Maintain the highest standards of conduct and act with integrity and dignity when interacting with partners, the public and the like.
  • Conduct professional activities in a respectable manner which positively reflects IBC and the business community.
  • Support and promote the Goals and Mission of the IBC.
  • Respect the reputation and work of the IBC.
  • Actively participate in or contribute to IBC committees or meetings where appropriate and lend my/our professional experience and expertise.
  • Help support the development and growth of Indian businesses in Russia and Russian businesses in India.
  • Respect the confidentiality requirements and privacy policies of the IBC.
  • Promote a safe working/ discussion and meeting environment, free from harassment, abuse or discrimination;
  • Act in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations laid down in the constitution of India and Russia.
  • Abide by the by-laws and any conflict-of-interest guidelines of the IBC.

Any member failing to fulfill the above-mentioned requirements or knowingly breaking the rules and laws laid down in the constitution of IBC and that of Russian Federation and Republic of India can be terminated from membership and any other benefits thereof without notice.



Honorary Membership – This membership is only given to honorary members of the Indian/ Russian community for their outstanding contribution to the country and community in the fields of business, art, journalism, social service. Honorary members are selected by the GBMC. Honorary members also may be members of advisory board for matters connected to but not limited to their field of expertise.

Regular Membership – This membership is a starters membership that gives one voting right to the member organization or individual, the member gets information in limited form, the payment is to be made in one shot yearly.

Gold Membership – This membership is gives one voting right,

Platinum Membership –