Indian Business Council – Russia

Official website of the Indian Business Council in Russia.

IBC-Being a window through which Russian businesses can see and thrive along with what contemporary India has to offer

From the President’s desk

“Necessity is the mother of invention” this holds true for great organizations as well. Often in this ephemeral and yet constantly evolving world, organizations become obsolete and perish, and new ones are born. It is therefore pertinent that every organization evolve with the needs of the time and adjust accordingly. The needs of the employees, customers and management must align to create a tandem which only can move an effective organization forward.

The world post pandemic has drastically changed, the businesses which had not aligned to the needs of this new world are struggling to survive, the democratic processes and needs of employees are as important as customers and there needs to be a revolutionary change for businesses to thrive.

A few eminent businessmen in synchronization with the embassy of India in Moscow, H.E the Ambassador and the Commercial wing and conceptualized the Indian Business Council in the mid- August of 2021 and in December 2021 Indian Business Council was born.

The idea was crystal clear, creating an organization that will be a bridge between the businesses of both the nations Russia and India. The trade volume which was miniscule and had a great potential should be increased manyfold, new sectors of Indian business must be brought to Russia and Russian businesses must become a part of the great Indian economic growth saga.

The profound friendship of generations must also be cemented with strong economic ties, technology transfer from both sides. Building the brand India with its immense possibilities must be done. IBC would be the instrument that should help reaching these goals faster and smoother. And thus the foundations are laid for the Indian Business Council – Russia that will change the course of economic relations between the two Nations.