Open house discussion: business with Russia

On 4th November, 2022, a meeting was held between the business community of Mumbai – Maharashtra and the President of IBC Mr. Akashdeep Singh at Hyatt Santacruz, Mumbai, India.

The Indian business delegation which included Dr. Ulhas Jayant Vasave, executive Director/CEO at Eurasian Cancer Research Council (founder of the Eurasian Cancer Research Council and Member of the Board of Experts, Eurasian Federation of Oncology – Representative, India) and representatives of various industries including pharma, surgical instruments, packaging, organic coffee, handicrafts, leather goods, shoes, API, nutraceuticals, chemicals, hotel industry, IT solutions, hospital consumables, etc. participated in open house discussion about business with Russia.

The strategic value of Indian manufacturers in aiding the Indian government’s efforts to improve the trade balance with Russia was stressed by Mr. Akashdeep Singh. He also discussed the potential advantages for Indian enterprises of exporting non-sanctioned goods to Russia.

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