September 7, 2022. IBC members paid a visit to the Moscow Region’s Ministry of Investment, Industry, and Science.

Goncov, Adil Ravilevich, Deputy Minister of Investment, Industry, and Science and Boyko Anna Vladimirovna, Head of the Department of External Relations and Information Support, hosted the event.

From IBC side our representatives who attended the meeting were President Mr. Akashdeep Singh, Vice-President Mr.Farooq Mir, Honorable Secretary Mr.Ashok Kumar Jayashwal, Treasurer Mr. Jitendra Kumar, Dr.Vijay Kumar Singh, and Mr. Keezhedath Nair Rajendran.
The sides were able to identify common ground and deepen their relationships during the amicable encounter. Among the subjects discussed were the Russian government’s tax advantages for Indian enterprises and the building of investment plants in the Moscow region. Both parties expressed a willingness to enhance current relations in order to capitalize on the potential of the Moscow region and develop Russian-Indian commercial ties. The Russian side indicated an interest in growing Indian enterprises such as Uflex ltd, which specializes in packaging and container production, as well as companies in the biopharma industry, in order to establish linkages in this area. They expressed a desire to visit India before the end of the year. The IBC business community showed their appreciation by delivering the honorary badge and other gifts.

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