Indian Business Council members gathering: “Connect. Inspire. Grow”,  Dhaba, Moscow

The Indian Business Council held a gathering of its members on October 27, 2023 at Dhaba restaurant in Moscow.

The guests and the members of the Indian Business Council held their discussions on business matters over a delightful Indian dinner. There has been an exciting update regarding our meetings. They will now go by the name “Connect, Inspire, Grow.” The most recent meeting focused on the theme of “Exploring ideas and finding solutions on our path to success.” We put forth a proposal to determine the name and theme of the organization, with the aim of boosting its presence on social media platforms and raising awareness about the IBC.

This would be beneficial in attracting speakers and making it easier to organize larger events. The program of the event included a presentation of the Indian Business Council and our achievements since April, as well as a general outline of the organization’s development opportunities, a speech by the President of the Indian Business Council, Mr. Akashdeep Singh, discussion of internal issues and development ideas presented by Mr. Ashok Jayaswal, General Secretary of the organization. After a thorough discussion, all parties agreed that finance and its regulation were of utmost importance.

Therefore, it is crucial that we identify the financial institutions we should partner with and understand the processes that can streamline business operations. Mr. Shekhar Singh, Mr. Anjani Das, and our esteemed guests raised this issue.

We were glad to see everyone at the event, the next meeting within the framework of the events “Connect. Inspire. Grow” is scheduled for December 2023.

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