Recap of Day 1 of IBC’s Visit to SPIEF 2023

On 14th June Indian Business Council took part in the plenary session «International cooperation: from tasks to solutions».
The attendees reviewed Russian business potential, international partner expectations, and state assistance measures that contribute to the development of foreign commerce. Veronica Nikishina, General Director of the «Russian Export Center,» and Alexey Shilo, Deputy General Director of Russian Railways, announced the beginning of a program to consolidate regular cargo of small and medium-sized firms at the session. This will allow entrepreneurs to minimize their shipping costs.

Participants in the plenary session explored possible initiatives that states could take to encourage exports. The government should act in multiple ways at the same time: actively inform about export prospects, remove impediments, and make it easier to find overseas partners.
Business representatives from India and China, as well as Russian regions, spoke about business support measures and international collaboration projects.

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