IBC had an online meeting with the Union “Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Tyumen Region

On Tuesday, March 28, 2023, a videoconference was held between participants of the Indian Business Council and the Union “Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Tyumen Region,” including Tyumen region business representatives.

Mrs. Ekaterina Ulyantseva, Director of the Foreign Economic Activity Center of the Tyumen Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and representatives of companies planning a business mission to India on April 3-7, 2023, participated in the meeting on the part of the Tyumen Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry Union.

The Indian Business Council was represented by its President Mr. Akashdeep Singh, honourable Secretary Mr. Ashok Jayaswal, Vice- President Mr. Mir Farook, Mr. Anjani Das, Mr. Shekhar Singh, Mr. Neeraj Kumar, Mr. Jitendra Kumar.

Business representatives from Tyumen discussed their willingness to join an India business trip, offered details about the firms they represented at the conference, and discussed potential areas of collaboration. In particular, wishes were expressed for the export from India of such goods as fresh and dried fruits, cocoa beans, cocoa butter and spices, light industry products, cement chipboard moulds, measuring instrument components for the oil and gas industry.

The organizations indicated interest in working together on collaborative projects in the oil and gas industry, and cooperative projects for the industrial automation of oil and gas facilities were suggested. A tight partnership in the area of light industry as well as the export of petrochemical goods from Russia to India were discussed.

Participants from the Indian Business Council presented their ideas for future commercial relationships with Russian and Indian companies and indicated interest in working together. Companies involved in pharmaceutical, light industrial, oil and gas chemistry, the sale of tea, jewels, and metals were represented by the Indian Business Council.

Mrs. Ekaterina Antonenkova, representing the Light Industry Committee of the Tyumen Region, expressed the idea of holding a videoconference between members of the Indian Business Council engaged in light industry and representatives of the textile business of the Tyumen region.

According to Mr. Akashdeep Singh, the Indian Business Council will supply the essential company information in the form of presentations and websites so that the Russian side may ask the relevant questions, on the basis of which a video meeting will be organized.

Representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry stated that India has never been a partner for the Tyumen Region, and the region is eager to create new ties. During the meeting, the parties decided to continue exchanging information and organize a meeting in India as part of a business mission.

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